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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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an eerie glow. >> as bad as it looked visually. we haven't heard of anyone being hurt. you can see the smoke rising especially around the alter. >> take a look at video of what the interior looked like before the fire. firefighters say the main structure as well as the most precious art work has been saved. also the two iconic towers in front have been saved. >> reaction has been coming in all day. people learn of one of frances biggest symbols burning. >> we begin with news reporters live now from san francisco international airport. >> people we spoke with say they found out after their plane landed mostly through texts from loved ones. >> as flights from europe arrived in an fran today. word spread. >> someone in the said i wish
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notre dame is in fire. >> he took his daughter to notre dame three months ago. >> she said she was shocked. when she saw the fire. >> a sentiment shared by others as we show them video of the spire falling. >> it's not that much the religious part. more the culture and history. >> once you live there, it's part of the city. you don't even notice. now wow know it's -- >> meantime american tour riss running from paris were stunned. the landmark they just visited was now on fire. >> it's incredible. we were there. 8:00 last night. last thing we saw. >> it was amazing. it was beautiful. very awe inspiring. such a tragedy. i hope they restore it.
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>> the french quarter of san francisco the owner of a calf fair was glued to the news. >> this is going down in flames. it's the center of paris. everything start in france starts in front of the naert dame. >> epicenter. devastated. >> shock and disbelief for people who live in france and those who visited. >> all right. thank you so much. >> notre dame was one of the inspirations for san francisco grace cathedral. the landmark started as smaller church near the current location. at california and taylor. the small church burned down in the fires after the 1906 earthquakes. it took decades to finish the current church. using steel concrete made it safer. >> having those building techniques that we have here in the west coast. is what makes a huge difference.
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in the 1989 earthquake we suffered very minor damage. >> on wednesday night during its olely week services the congregation will pray for notre dame and the people of paris. we first sent out the alert about this breaking news this morning. through the mobile app. to receive news updates and laters, enable the push alert feature. >> turning to the weather. the rain has returned to start the week. >> a quick look outside. you can see the clouds have rolled in. let's get a first look at the forecast. >> we have mainly light rain. it's not widespread. there have been brief downpours. here's a look. let me close in on areas getting steady rain. inland east bay. discovery bay and lever more. lighter rain closer to the bay. near oakland. down on the peninsula and south bay a patch of light rain.
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to sunny vail. and san jose. very light rain. there's more on the way as you can see on this pattern. this looping pattern showing the approaching cold front. and shours out ahead of the frontal system. ranking one on the impact scale. light intensity. we expect rainfall totals to be a half inch from the storm. it will continue over night into the early morning hours before tapeering off mid-morning. >> all right. thank you. east bay a dangerous weekend on the streets of one oakland neighborhood. >> on saturday night, a hit and run left a mother and her son dead. on sunday, at a side show a truck was looted and set on fire. >> the side show was at the enterks of 42nd and international. the hit and run was less than a mile away. police blame this man prt hit and run. and they are looking for him. >> we begin our coverage.
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>> the victim and her six year-old son and the boys uncle. were on the way home crossing the street. when they were struck by the suspect who police say is known to the department. >> we have three on the ground unresponsive. >> the 911 call the scene the community surrounding a ploer. her 6 year-old son and the 19 year-old uncle. still vivid in everyone's mind. here on 26th. >> i don't know what i'm doing. i run to my kids and my brother. to my wife. i don't know what i can do in that moment. >> in seconds, saturday at 7:21 p.m. he lost his wife and son. police are pointing to this man as the responsible driver. >> we're actively looking for allen. 27 year-old. we believe he is responsible. >> police will only say he is
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known to the department. offering a reward of $25,000. for information leading to arrest. oakland councilman and director of transportation confirm the intersection where the mother and son were killed was not part of the feature improvement project. even though for years neighbors say they asked for a stoplight or stop sign. >> for years. we have been complaining tolt office. why are you saying you're not aware. >> so the area you have the market across the street. you have different intersections coming onto foothill. cars coming from different directions. that has been a priority. we repaved the street. we redid the sidewalk crossing. >> the 19 year-old who survived is garcia. in critical condition. >> the principal of the school the 6 year-old attended opened a go fund me account to pay for funeral expenses. in one day they raised more than
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$24,000. we have link to the go fund me page. now about the future changes, he's still will return to the scene in a week. with a potential plan to prevent accidents. >> thank you. now to the side show that got way out of hand and went from cars spinning donuts to fire works and a carjacking. torching of a semi-truck and transit bus. law enforcement tells us enough is enough. they're cracking down. >> imagine what officers were running into on sunday night. they had a side show scene with a 100 cars. 1,000 spectators. gunshots, fire works. and a bus and a truck fully in flames. >> shots being fired. in unknown directions. we had bottles and rocks being
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thrown. >> good chance the bus will explode too. >> this is video from a deputy. at 8:30 sunday night. >> we have been dealing with side show for decades. the criminality and the boldness that has gone on the last couple years is way worse. >> this side show marked into mayhem 9:00 sunday night. a semi-truck loaded with paper supplies was looted and attacked. >> the driver was removed from the cab. of his truck. at gunpoint. so that's a carjackng. he had been surrounded unable to leave. >> police say his truck was torched and were overwhelmed by the crowd. behind him a transit bus was stuck in the driver was forced to flee. it, too caught on fire. a half million dollar bus destroyed. out of towners police say, flooding to the corridor from san jose to richmond.
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keeping track of police on scanners. and communicating privately on cell phone. it's become a regional problem. >> that international and 42nd is out of control flt it's been out of the control. and the only action we can do is create the barriers. >> for now police plan to blitz the area. with beefed up patrol starting this weekend. treating side shows like a mass protest. >> if we find you and catch you. you're going to jail. that's it. we'll take your car. >> one officer was injured. during that side show. police are sifting through social media posts and surveillance in the hopes they can make some arrests. >> all right. thank you. someone painted swastikas throughout a san francisco park. we were at the park where crews were painting over the symbols. they were found this morning in about a dozen areas.
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one person who lives near the park says the crime touches him personally. he's the spokesman for the district attorney office. >> my grandfather was in a war camp. my grandmother. she saw her mom and her dad and ten year-old brother march to the gas chamber. so it's really horrific to see somebody symbolize this. >> it's very personal. there is at least one surveillance camera in the area of that graffiti. it's unclear if the vandal was on camera. >> falling debris from the bridge hit a car. it was part of a pothole that has been repaired. this is the third time in a week something crumbled on the span. live at the toll plaza. >> good evening. first point, cal tran insists this bridge is safe. we spoke with the regional director. the cal tran has concerns.
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regarding the road more than 60 years old. showing wear. it needs replacement. now what? >> another evening commute on the richmond bridge more acts of faith by drivers who wonder if they should take the structure for granted. >> that was the radio call friday night. a third concrete incident on the bridge this year alone. and unsettling on a structure that had been so reliable for generations. >> it's quite possibly from the pothole on the bridge. >> same thing? >> it's on the bridge. >> responsibility for that bridge safety lands on this man. who directs cal trans for the bay area. >> it's an old bridge. 65 years old. and needs some love and care. >> hence an $8 million project to replace every cracking seem on the upper deck followed by a similar project on the lower
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deck. which leads to a question. why not build a new bridge? >> we know the bridge is failing. we need to have a new bridge in place. a plan now to build a new bridge when the toll revenue is available. >> a new bridge would cost $3 billion. with cal tran spending 80 million in the next ten years to maintain this one. >> the bridge is a really good example of the kinds of trouble facing ageing infrastructure. all around the country. >> it is one of the recuring themes presenting in the form of too many headlines too close to home. >> interesting note on infrastructure. why is so much infrastructure failing at the same time in the country? much of it was built at the same time. and it's wearing out. at the same time.
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>> thank you. you probably heard of the web site next door. it's used to connect neighbors. the war yours played an inspirational role in the development. game two is coming up tonight. live at oracle. we heard from steve kerr. what his biggest concerns are heading into game two. just over an hour and a half away. >> thank you. a new set of problems for pg&e. the i team looks at the
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we're about an hour away from game two of the warriors series against the clippers. >> a win tonight would give them a 2-0 lead as the series shifts to l.a. >> live from oracle. with a preview. >> warm ups going on behind me. shawn livingston here and steph curry. after the warriors won the series opener by 17, a lot of people are talking about the possibility of a series sweep. or perhaps the warriors winning in five. it seems like it's a foregone conclusion. so this might be the danger game. the clippers would love to get out of here with a split and steve kerr knows it. >> if you're at home and have an easy game in game one. game two will be harder. it's human nature. and the flip is tough too. if you have a tough win squeak out a win. without playing that well.
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that weighs more in your favor. if you're still angry. you want to show you can play better. and i'm not sure how i would describe game one. it was in fween between. >> all right. later in sports we will hear from kevin durant. who apologized to his teammates today after he was ejected from game one. after a dust up with patrick beverly. later on in sports, we'll hear from him and talk about the possible match ups. will beverly guard him again. i talked to coaches about that. that's coming up later on. >> all right. catch yu later. >> the warriors have become an inspiration to fans all over the world for their championship play on the court. but it's the community around the team a that inspires a long time season ticketholder and cofounder of the biggest social net working companies in the world. live from oracle with that
6:18 pm
story. >> i'm outside. i want to show you the sense of community that is around the warriors. these folks are lining up here. they're out in the rain line up to get their pictures taken with the replica championship trophies. they have been out here for a long time. it's part of the sense of belonging that revolves around this team. that inspired this bay area entrepreneur. to instill it in his company nearly ten years ago. >> the team went through difficult times. >> reporter: he was a warriors fan long before he was the cofounders of the largest neighborhood social net work. next door. certainly long enough to remember that winning wasn't always the golden state way. >> we have a loyal fan base. even when times were tough. the fans were coming out and cheering their heads off. so that's become part of the staple of what people expect.
6:19 pm
the community comes out o to support them. through thick and thin. >> a sentiment that feeling of community that he instilled in next door. when he cofounded the company in 2010. >> when you come to games you're in the middle of a really electric environment. with strangers. people you don't know. but you are connected by this common cause. the pride of the team. >> now the warriors and next door are both worldwide phenomena. >> most importantly it starts with respect. >> dry monday green is an adviser of next door. part of a time to delivering the net work to inner city communities. >> whether it's basketball or improving schools or the state of your neighborhood. we think people seek community and need it in their live. >> we're back out here live. outside oracle. it is starting to rain.
6:20 pm
an hour and a half before the game. folks are lining up and taking pictures. getting ready to see the team they love. one more note about next door it's mostly a place where people go fo get information about their local neighborhood. but they're finding that it's a venue to talk about the warriors and exchange information. and obviously talk about the team. that they so clearly love. thank you. >> it's starting to rain out there. >> let's get over to spencer for that. >> a start stop start stop kind of pattern we have. a look at live doppler seven. the rain is not very widespread. we have wet spots and mainly light or light to moderate rain. coming in waves and limited waves through the bay area. most in the south bay. and east bay as well. this is the view. west under cloudy skies.
6:21 pm
current temperature in the rather narrow range. low to mid-50s. these all at 55. and morgan hill 52. golden gate is cloudy. the pavement doesn't appear to be wet. we have mid-50s concord and livermore. here's our view from the top of the roof. top of the building. looking out over. these are the forecast features. light rain and showers. winding down by mid-morning. partial clearing and much warmer thursday and friday. right now we have this to contend with. over night clouds and periods of showers or light rain. lows will be mainly in the mid to upper 40s. and generally upper 40s near the bay. and on the coast. our pattern here the loop lg ray dare you can see the cold front moving in. areas of light rain pushing into the bay area.
6:22 pm
this ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity. tonight and early morning hours we can expect to see more light to moderate rainfall. tota totals will be under half a an inch. and occasionally breezy. about 9:00 or so. we'll see more pockets of light or light to moderate rain. sweeping through the central part of the bay area. mainly onto the peninsula. south bay and east bay. later tonight. over night it will fizzle although isolated pockets of light rain can be falling during the morning commute. look out for the wet spots. this will be winding down by 5:00 tomorrow morning. and by mid-morning. we'll get partial clearing. it will be a bright day. lookout for early morning sprinkles. in the sierra a winter weather advisory in effect. we expect about six to nine inches of new snow above 5,500 feet. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon we start drying out
6:23 pm
will be mainly in the low 60s on the coast. low to mid-60s around the bay shoreline. mid to upper 60s inland. here's the 7-day forecast. sunny through the rest of the week after tomorrow. and we have a big warm upcoming our way on thursday and friday. with inland highs in the low 80s. upper 70s. and up to 70 on the coast. thursday. a cooler but dry pattern through easter weekend. sunday is looking nice. and next monday bright and mild. high temperature well into the 70s. >> wow. nice. >> investors putting lt brakes on lifts big stock market
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the luster has kwkly worn off lift after the ipo a few weeks ago. >> after rocketing up on its debut march 29. it hit a new low. dropping 6%. with uber entering the market in the new future that could push the stock down further. it was a down day for the market as a whole. lift closed at $56. >> considering getting into the pickup truck market. in the united states, the german car maker has so far revealed concept photographs of what the truck would look like. we'll get to see what is really looks like later this week. they plan to roll it out at the
6:27 pm
new york autoshow. >> amazon taking on spotfy and pandora. launching a free music service exclusively for alexa. currently offering 2 million songs available free to echo owners who pay $119 yearly to subscribe to the prime for shipping and online music, movies and tv. >> pg&e shook up the board of directors. how the move is raising a lot of questions about the utility priority. >> firefighters doing what they can to save the historic notre dame. the pledge from frances leader. >> the new housing craze. the trend
6:28 pm
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new kwis tonight surrounding pg&e as the utility faces bankruptcy. recently shuffled the leadership and that's drawing attention. >> pg&e is defending the new picks for board of directors utilities former board chairman. appear before the commission
6:31 pm
later this afternoon. >> the latest on this. they have been catching heat. >> the governor and others had criticized the new slate. saying many lacked experience in the field and most have no ties to california. pg&e out going board chair answered concerns today. >> at the end of a day long forum on governance, management and safety. former board chair asked the public to in effect give them a second chance. >> judge us by our actions going forward. how well we reform the safety culture. >> how well retreat wild fire victims fairly. he told the panel. as the utility goes through the bankruptcy forecast with $30 billion in wild fire it's safe to say there's still anxiety about the board. >> all the folks might make a
6:32 pm
lot more sense in a company that's working well. and where you're monitoring new risk and developing new programs. >> i personally feel confident we have the right people. i understand your skepticism. and where we are in the trust factor of everybody in the state. i understand that. we're going to prove that we can do it. >> a third of new slate of directors are current or former california residents and he thinks term limits should be applied. >> it's a work in progress. we'll keep working on it. reevaluating what the needs are. the corporation. and we'll be in a position to make changes. >> this won't be a board that is going to be the same ten years from now. >> there are challenges ahead. earlier in the day north star consulting up at a timed the assessment of the safety culture so say pg&e doesn't have a single strategy and an organization continues to have
6:33 pm
reactive other than proactive to issues. >> ceo incentive pay will be tied to safety performance. but an expert witness from havard cautioned connecting pay to a single issue such as safety can pose a problem. >> people then engage in various kinds of proverse behavior to make sure information doesn't flow to falsity documents and do whatever needs to be done to meet the goals that under lie the high powered incentives. >> pg&e stock has jumped after the governor floated a plan on friday to protect the company from wild fire losses using state funds. shareholders must approve the board coming up on may 21. >> we'll hear more about this. >> all right. thank you. >> our big story tonight the fire at the historic notre dame in paris. >> this is a live look.
6:34 pm
they're still putting water on it at this hour. and still a bit of smoke being generated. after 3:30 a.m. the fire is happening during the most important week on the christian calendar. >> we have the latest. >> the moment the spire fell captured on camera. to gasps of anguish. pariss iconic notre game gutted be i flames. firefighters working to tackle the blaze. it was not enough to save the steeple. french president macron visit b visibly emotional. pledged to rebuild it. seeking international help to do so. grieving crowds praying for the church. and breaking into holy song. >> hail mary. notre dame stood for over 750
6:35 pm
years. unlike the modern tower. this church is a proud symbol of the city. >> the fire breaking out during holy week the most important week on the christian calendar. >> this is a hugely important place for catholics. for the history of france. and it has been at the center of the story of the people. >> the cathedral has been under going renovation. and the last week statues were taken out as part of ongoing work. offers of assistance and emotional messages of support are flooding into paris. the notre dame more than a church and landmark. a tangible symbol of paris. and france. it's welcomed and sheltered visitors around the world. many now paying tribute. and praying for this special place. >> you can also share your thoughts and send your love to paris sharing this badge on social media.
6:36 pm
it's available through our twitter and facebook page. >> new developments tonight in the college admission scandal. lori loughlin and her husband pleaded not guilty. the couple is among 50 parents, coaches and others charged in the scandal. 13 of them including actress have pleaded guilty. they are charged with paying bribes to have their daughters designated as crew recruits. even though neither of them is a rower. >> well. sorry to tell you this, moving out of your parents house is a thing of the past. >> the new trend taking off when it comes to buying a home. >> since when is scheduling three hours between connecting flights not long enough? to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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in the south bay a new trend is emerging as multiple generations buy a house and move in together. >> it's been the cultural norm among some. it's becoming a millennial thing. an example in san jose. >> the quality of a neighborhood is typically a major factor in deciding where to buy a house. a new trend is emerging about who is moving in. the trend is towards creating a
6:40 pm
multi-generational household. that means a larger house with more bedrooms. >> three bedroom. four or five. people love to buy the house and remodel and expand it. >> do they expand the house? >> absolutely. >> mark wong is seeing the trend towards three generations living together. according to the national association of realtors the largest number of home buyers are 39 to 53. older generation. to care for ageing parents or adult children are moving home. or because the adult children never left home. even if the house has three bedrooms it's $990,000 makes it feasible to expand for multiple generations. >> it sold right away. is the buyers are remodelling and fit the needs. >> they'll put a lot of money
6:41 pm
into the house. >> absolutely. it's a long term. >> the silicon valley realtors says it's common for grandparents to provide some money. and grand kids save for future of their own. or pay student loans. >> the list price is just under $1 million. but it sold for just over $1 million. the closing is not until the end of the week. >> all right. you're all set to book the big trip. there's something to watch out for. >> what you should be looking it's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. commercial coming to an end tonight. to reach the end the season three months early to protect whales and marine life. all commercial fishing gear must be removed from ocean water. >> spring is here. summer vacation planning is under way for some. >> who may book a trip involving two separate tickets on different airline. word of caution. >> i can save you a lot of
6:45 pm
grief. listen to this. the trip he took to sou east asia with his wife to celebrate her degree. >> it's cheap to get around. people are wonderful. just a lot of fun. >> they flew from san francisco to vietnam. their trip took them to cambodia and thailand. >> it's incredible places where if i wore this kind of shirt it would be over dressing. >> everything turned out uncredible until he tried to get home. he bought a separate airline ticket with bangkok air ways to get in and catch a air flight back to san francisco. eva air moved up the return trip by two hours. suddenly the three hours he had a lot td to switch planes turned into one hour. >> we were trying to figure out how to go from domestic to the international. get bags in an hour and it
6:46 pm
wasn't feasible. >> the ticket he booked from northern thailand to get into bangkok was non-refundable. >> we paid for two flights and om took one. >> a world traveler and travel blogger. his home is filled with memorabilia from his many trips. he suggests whenever possible book all travel within the same airline family. >> when people buy tickets separately. especially from separate airlines. if you buy them separately, neither one is going to guarantee the kebs. no matter what. you have to make sure you have time. >> how much time is enough? he says six to eight hours. >> if i'm going to buy tickets separately. for flights that i know are subject to schedule change. yes. >> many people might find a long lay over a bit much. the other option is read the fine print. by searching the airline name and contract of carriage.
6:47 pm
this is the contract between the airline and passengers. the contract stated eva may change any flight without any prior notice. and shall not be responsible for any trouble in respective connection of the passenger. >> you should take it as an indication that you should be allowing a generous time. >> when he returned home he called both requesting a refund. for the unused portion of the ticket. both refused. that's when he contacted us. and we contacted expaid ya. they were great. refunding the money for the unused ticket. the company told us our agents were in touch with him. throughout the process. and he expressed satisfaction with the resolution. >> you made a difference. without seven on your side we would have been out the money. >> eight hour lay over is likely too long for many. all of us here. the biggest take away. do your best to book with the
6:48 pm
same airline or at least partner airline. and increase the odds of catching that connecting flight. i want to hear from you. the hot line is weekdayssssssss 2. reach me on facebook. >> i'll save you money. do it this way. the sites are always saying. >> be aware. >> all right. let's turn to one last check of the weather. >> current storm system is winding down a bit. most of the rainfalling right now is not only light but widely scattered and south and east of the golden gate. on we go. what is left of the storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. light intensity. we expect more periods of light to moderate rain into the late night hours. totals will be under half an inch. and occasionally breezy. over night lows the storm continues to weaken will be mainly in the mid to upper 40s
6:49 pm
and highs tomorrow as we dry out. mid to upper 60s inland. mid-60s around the bay and coast. here's the 7-day forecast. we have a string of sunny and dry coming our way. big warming trend thursday and friday. highs over 80 degrees. 70 on the coast. thursday. easter weekend even though it will be bright and dry. it will cool down. >> all right. looks good. >> sports. >> out at oracle. >> yes. thank you. we asked the question who is the most irritating man in the building? we country down the game two. w warriors and clippers. probably the man who will be guarding kd again tonight. we'll hear about his reunion with patrick beverly and the apology from durant.
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good evening. we're live at oracle. where the warriors will tip off in game two of the play off series. versus clippers. warriors took care of business in game one. 121-104. it was the business this kind of business between kevin durant and patrick beverly that got the attention after the game.
6:53 pm
how is little beverly going to guard kevin durant. he's given a foot. he's a professional irritator. his only chance to guard kd is be physical. talk trash and upset him. and i had enough with both of you and late fourth quarter and tossed both of them from the game. this morning kd apologized for creating a distraction. >> i don't want to disappoint coaches and the fan base and owners. who expect me to be on the floor. i apologize. i don't want to get in the way of the what's on the floor. that was a huge distraction. i don't want that to be a part of series. i want to play. >> let's bring in -- i talked to warriors coaches and expect beverly will try to guard kd and get under his skin. curry torched him for 38 points. >> dock rivers and set to become
6:54 pm
part of the curry family when his daughter marries steph's brother. he said he's not welcome into the family if he keeps torching him the way he has. gaem high 38 points. career high 15 rebound in game one. he was also the game high leading scorer in three of the four regular season games against the clippers. he said he's dominating. this season and the past three seasons. they want to keep their composure too. because they certainly don't want to give anything more to the warriors team. they can score with steph leading them. >> family issues aside. it's pick your poison. the warriors have too many all stars to guard. >> the warriors can score in spurts. it was only one point game. right after that they went on a 15 point spree. and brokhe game op. >> youe out of the dock rivers news conference. a really interesting great story about a good samaritan here in
6:55 pm
san francisco. >> no love for curry. rite now. he has some love for the san francisco man who did an unselfish act. >> i dropped about 2 grand on the floor. on the skreet. kept walk. didn't know it. the guy tapped me on the back and said that's your money. i don't know a lot of places that would happen. >> so he ended the press conference on that. it begs the question what are you doing with $2,000 cash in your pocket. welcome to the nba. he was thankful for the man. he said if he wouldn't have ran away so fast he would have had free tickets to the game. >> a lot of people would have been running aawith the two grand for sure. i don't know. that might get you a court side seat for tonight. maybe. >> possibly. >> let's talk about the sharks and the play offs because their come back bid against las vegas already down two games to one. took a hit because of a hit that took place in the last game.
6:56 pm
this was joe who got suspended. one game ffrt illegal contact the head. he was penalized on the play. sharks win in las vegas and stop the golden knights from scoring in the first minute of every game. they're playing from behind every contest. final thoughts before we wrap it up. 21 turn overs. steve kerr doesn't want to see that again. >> the wa yors were lucky. the clippers only scored 15 points on the 21. that's not always the case. kerr expects this game to be tighter than game one. the clippers are desperate. >> we'll see you later on. that's a wrap for now. >> all right. thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00. on coffee tv 20. details on the rescue of a 68 year-old bay area woman who lost her glasses on a hike and tried to crawl to safety.
6:57 pm
that's at 9:00. >> on the news at 11:00 a shocking midday kidnap attempt on a busy street. how good samaritans stepped in to help a desperate mother. >> that's it for had edition of the news. look for breaking news any time on the news app. >> the entire news team, thanks for joining us.
6:58 pm
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